Ascot: the British Summer horses racecourse returns

Over its 300-year history, Ascot has established itself as a national institution, with Royal Ascot being the centrepiece of the British summer social calendar and the ultimate stage for the best racehorses in the world.

The racecourse was founded in 1711 by Queen Anne, when out riding from Windsor Castle, she came upon an area of open heath that looked, in her words, 'ideal for horses to gallop at full stretch'.

This year the event saw the participation of the royal family. Present on the classic royal carriages, Prince Charles, Camilla and Prince William. Dress code respected by the participants with traditional hats and elegant dresses.

At the start of the races, attention shifted entirely to horses, strictly thoroughbred, and to the prizes that this year even reach one million pounds.


Anche Quest’anno l’evento ha visto la partecipazione della royal family. Presenti sulle classiche carrozze reali, il principe Carlo, Camilla e il principe William. Dress code rispetto dai partecipanti con i tradizionali cappelli e abiti eleganti.

Al via delle corse l’attenzione si é spostata tutta sui cavalli, rigorosamente purosangue, e sui premi che quest’anno arrivano anche a un milione di sterline.


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