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Be a Crossdresser: interview with Stefano Ferri

How is like living as a crossdresser in Italy now and how was it like 20 years ago?

We interviewed Stefano Ferri, journalist and communication consultant, that has recently published autobiographical novel "Crossdresser - Stefano and Stefania, the two parts of me" to share his experience and how is like living as a heterosexual man, with a wife and a daughter, who wears skirts and high heels.

When and how did you become aware of your condition and how long did it take till you found the courage to express it?

What were the greatest difficulties you had to overcome?

How is being a husband and a father as a crossdresser?

You have been a crossdresser for 20 years by now: what are the main differences between today's world and the world of your beginnings?

You've recently come out with an autobiographical novel in Italy: why did you write it and why did you choose this genre?


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