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Networking: new event for UK Confederation at It London

UK Confederation is once again full of registrations for the networking event organized at the It London Restaurant.

Many have decided to take part in the event with the aim of making themselves known and expanding their business partnerships.

The President of UK Confederation Stefano Potortì and Duccio Zambrini, founder of London Connector and one of the organizers of the evening, were satisfied with the result.

To our microphones Timea Kadar, London Marketing Club Director and co-organizer of the event.

As a member of the UK Confederation by Confassociations there are several advantages and services made available to you.

But what brings a professional to participate in this type of event?

Why doing networking and create relationships with other companies is important?

What are you looking for? Which kind of particulars has to have the person you are chatting with to catch your interest?

How important is the choice of location to obtain results?


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