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THE INTERVIEW: Stavros Distras, the magic of Piano

Happiness, nostalgia, anger, excitement,... the Piano Music can transport us in a sea of emotions.

Stavros Dritsas is firmly establishing himself as a creative and original pianist.

After moving to London from his native Greece, he was recognised as “a prodigious young player” and “a special, thoughtful pianist, who produces a sensitive, beautiful sound”.

Where does your passion for music, in particular for the piano, came from? Which was the exact moment when you decided to become a pianist?

If you could describe yourself with a music, which genre would you choose?

You have played in many different Countries: is there a place where you haven’t play yet and that you are dreaming for?

Which is your favourite note and why?

If you could have the possibility to do a private concert for an artist from the past, who would it be and why?

Which projects do you have for the future?

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